Bestway Sport is a professional sportswear manufacturer of wetsuits, life jackets, surfing suits, rash guard, with 18 + years of experience.

Good reasons for working with us

As first -class ODM and OEM suppliers, we provide customized design and solutions for water sports products supplies, mainly including diving suit, life vest  / life jacket,  rash guard , etc.

We want to make sure your custom wetsuit fits your needs. From the color(s) to the patterns and designs of your liking and the size and shape of your body, Terrapin Wetsuits is the only US Manufacturer of wetsuits that includes a custom fitting step in our process to make sure your custom wetsuit fits perfectly.
We can add zippers and pockets, make repairs, renovate wetsuits, add special features for adaptive or disabled divers, produce matching water sports accessories…in general we offer the kind of custom work usually unavailable anywhere else.
We’ll be happy to work with you to find the best solution for your diving comfort and pocketbook. We are the authorized repair service provider for ScubaPro wetsuits. Telephone consultation is free, so contact us to discuss your suit’s condition to determine if it should be repaired, altered, or replaced.
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Customization process
7 (6)
Communication and preparation before making the sample. Confirming the pattern, size, color, logo, quantity, packaging and payment term.
6 (7)
Create order information in the form of bulk production orders enter it into EPR system.
Purchasing department purchase all materials according to the information in the system.
After the materials are returned to the factory, the quality inspection department randomly check all the materials to ensure the quality is OK.
Before the mass production, the business department will arrange all the production departments to hold a pre-production meeting to analyze and discuss the precautions and key quality requirements in the production process.
During the production process of the order, there is QC to check all the production processes to ensure that there are no defective products.
After finishing product, it will be trimmed ,and the quality inspection department will conduct 100% full inspection to ensure that each product is qualified.
Qualified products will be packaged and arranged for random inspection.
After the inspection is OK, relevant shipment will be arranged as per customer’s required. And arrange payment from customer’s.
If there are quality problems found, as long as it is caused by the factory, we will be responsible to the end. We will arrange to re-make or compensate for the payment.
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Our service —— High-quality and high efficiency
No special requirements.Don’t be worried,for a custom factory,we can offer high-quality free sample for customer reference.
We can customize fabric color based on your own brand design, also can offer more than 100 patterns sublimation printing fabrics for reference and no minimum, and can be completed in 1-2 days.
we can as per your requirements to customize your logo.Our printing process including silkscreen printing,heat transfer printing,sublimation printing,digital printing,which is very clear and beautiful. We can also arrange that rubber patch and woven label.
Our MOQ is generally 100pcs for each style, if you have special requirements like different colors and specific function, we will check according to the MOQ of the fabric.
Our company has passed ISO9001 certification,and has experienced quality control personnel QC: such as incoming material inspection, in-production inspection, packaging inspection to strictly inspect every step of production. All products are 100% fully inspected before shipment.
Our factory has a complete production and materials ERP system, more than 200 employees, and 5 professional production lines, which are deployed according to the delivery requirements of different products. Large and small orders can be arranged and completed with quality and quantity guaranteed.
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Production process
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