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Dongguan Bestway Sports Goods Co., Ltd. was founded in October,2008. It is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, which is known as the "World Factory".It has Single-family factory building,complete equipment,engaged in OEM/ODM for a long time.and has rich experience and high influence. It is also a professional supplier of water sports products solutions and has served many world famous brands.
The company has a number of titles such as "high-tech enterprise", "safe production enterprise", "caring enterprise", "trustworthy enterprise", "ISO9001 certified enterprise", and "BSCI certified enterprise". Over the years with stronger technical strength, high-quality products, perfect service system, and obtained a number of product patents and production qualifications, it has achieved fast development and has been well received by customers from Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. The company certainly has 150+ sets of professional production equipment, 5 production lines, and the annual output has exceeded 500,000+ pieces.
Dongguan Bestway Sports Goods Co., Ltd. will give full play to the tradition of loving learning and emphasizing training, adhering to the tenet of "leading technology, serving the market, treating others with integrity, and pursuing perfection" and the spirit of "solid foundation, big heart, achievement of others, and self-realization". Continuously carry out technological innovation, equipment innovation, service innovation and management method innovation, carry out develop more sports products to full in future development needs, and inpromote the development of healthy sports.
At the same time, we will also rely on our own technology and funds to actively carry out "production, learning, and research" cooperation in scientific research projects with domestic and foreign counterparts and university research institutes.


From a general worker in a factory to a leader of a company, he studied and struggled all the way.
After years of development, BESTWAY Sport, founded by him, is gradually moving towards a world-famous brand.


I grew up in the countryside,

After graduating from technical secondary school in 1994,

I came to Dongguan city to work.

Then entered a Taiwan factory to be a production line worker due to not afraid of hardship.

The only idea is to do the products best and explore experience from work to improve ability.

Later I was elected to be a member of management department because of the hark work and responsibility.


To be competent in the management, I have to keep learning all kinds of knowledge and applying it to practice.

I saw a book called “The Management Mode of Haier” during the study period. The core idea of book is that “ Day clear Day finish”.

This really benefit me a lot. Then called a meeting with management colleagues immediately and set our own daily cleaning and daily finishing management system.

Something magical happened, the productivity of factory had increased by nearly 20% with the help of this system.

My boss was very happy to promote me to be the factory director and manage a branch factory.


From 1999 to 2006,

I’ve been working as factory director for 7 years,

We have been awarded various outstanding individual and team prizes every year because I am very focused on developing talents and improve the ability of workers.

So we are always the most efficient under the same conditions.


While time flies, I hit the wall on my way to work.

So, I started my own business in 2006.

Focus on high quality water sports products,

Hope to serve our clients well.


The first step is always difficult.

The company is struggling ahead in the first two years.

Do everything myself.

Fortunately, with more than 10 years of work experience,

The company was slowly getting on the right track.


In 2008,

The company officially called “Bestway Sports”,

The product line had been expanded to many products , such as life jackets, surfing wetsuits, rash guards, protective gears for sports ,etc.

The company grew up by 2015,

There are 5 production lines with more than 5000 square meters of independent plants.

As well, we won” high-tech enterprise “, “ Love enterprise”, “Trust worthy enterprise” and other honorary titles!

Thank you very much for all the customers, suppliers, colleagues and friends.

With your support and help , we will make the Bestway Sports to be a global brand, let more people who love water sports can use the better quality products from Bestway Sports.


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