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Brand Cooperation

The company has had good cooperation with many well-known brands in the industry.

Corporate Culture

The company's corporate culture is well, the quality of employees is improved quickly, and the delivery time quickly, quality and after-sales of customer orders are well guaranteed.


A large number of advanced automation equipment ,is quick and easy to operate, so that the product quality can exceed that of competitors, and can control the big order of the quality, and there is more improvement in annual, help customers solve the problem of urgent orders!


The company has certifications in many sides, from production design,product to quality control, delivery control, and has professional processes to provide customers with transportation and sales! Can adapt to the requirements of global markets.

Stable Supply Chain

The company's financial operation is in good condition and has accumulated a good reputation over the years. Major raw material suppliers have cooperated with each other for more than 10 years, providing guarantee for the timely delivery of orders, especially for large orders and urgent orders.


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