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Womens Neoprene Freediving Suits Surf Skin Neopren 4/5mm Diving Suit 3mm Wetsuits

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[KEEP WARM] JINGLONGWAY 3mm neoprene wetsuit will help keep you warm in cold water and prevent your body temperature from dropping too fast.The main material of the diving suit is neoprene rubber, which is an environment-friendly material and harmless.3mm wetsuit is suitable for the 70℉-87℉ water temperature.

[UPF50+ UV PROTECTION] JINGLONGWAY full wetsuit cover the whole body and made of UPF50+ grade material, which can effectively isolate 95% of the ultraviolet light.The 3-layer nylon neoprene suit also protects the body from reef cuts and jellyfish and sea anemones while underwater.

[HIGH ELASTIC WETSUIT] Greatever three-dimensional ergonomic tailoring wetsuit, fast drying breathable super elastic nylon fabric wetsuit, suitable for different body shape, let you move freely in the water. Wetsuit is suitable for all kinds of water sports, such as diving, fishing, surfing, paddling, kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing, etc.

[SMOOTH BACK ZIPPER DESIGN] Back zipper and Velcro are designed to effectively prevent water waves from breaking the zipper of the JINGLONGWAY wetsuit. Lengthen nylon belt on the back zipper helps you put on and take off the surfing full wetsuit without any help.



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